WEDDING WEDNESDAY + OUR BELOVED BRIDES.- Jaclyn & Chris summer wedding.

When I moved to Vancouver I started two brands. Olivia, which probably you already know and The-Favourite.  The latter was more casual and fun and I used to sell it under consignment in a bunch of stores across the city. It was mostly non bridal but sometimes I would make some wedding goodies. One of the stores I used to sell The Favourite was Fine Finds, a neat spot in Yaletown that has become  the go-to place for gifts, clothing and just nice unique stuff. So through them Jaclyn had her custom bridal headband made. Custom made orders are to me the ultimate gesture of trust. You are paying upfront to some one you don’t really know, for something you haven’t seen. I enjoy this trust and I love the element of surprise.  Cause even the idea is basically done in my head, it’s always intriguing to  find out if I’m going to make it right or it will end up like an old pressed bitten cotton candy and everyone will finally call my bluff.

After a year I decided to kill The Favourite and just stick to Olivia. Consignment is not for me and I think I was too ambitious and naive to think I was going to be able to properly manage two new brands  in a place where I just moved and didn’t know anyone. But who knows… maybe in the future we might bring The Favourite back.

Anyways…. This are some of Jaclyn’s wedding pictures! The photography was done by Sarah and Graeme from  The Nickersons, a husband & wife photography team from Vancouver that have become one of my favourites. Visit their blog to see why.  They have such great taste! The wedding was featured in Style Me Pretty so pay them a visit if you want to see more shots from this awesome summer wedding. 911127135102148318

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  1. brinr said:

    Wow! These are excellent. I love stumbling upon great photographers!

  2. Christine Soo said:

    Hi! I was browsing to get some ideas on bridal headpieces, not even sure if wearing a headpiece will suit me or not until I saw this one that you had custom made (before realising it was custom made) for this lovely bride and was absolutely in love! Do you replicate previous custom designs? and how much lead time will you require?
    and more importantly, does headpieces suit everyone?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Christine! Yeah, we can remake this piece for you :). This can be ready in three weeks. This is a very versatile piece since it has a comb on each side. So it’s very easy to place and flexible. You can wear it with any hair style. As a headband, halo or around a bun. Let me know if you have any further questions! XO! Sandra.

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